DIY Thanksgiving Tree

Nov 15, 2012

Please tell me I'm not the only one that is still STUNNED that Thanksgiving is less than a week away?!

Somehow our calendars jumped from June 1st to November 15th in two seconds flat (well, at least it feels like they did).

Regardless of what speed the calendar seems to be moving, Thanksgiving is next week and so our hearts turn once again to the giver of all of life's great gifts - God Almighty.

This Thanksgiving I wanted to be intentional about spending daily family time reflecting on all of the many good gifts God has given us.

In order to make this as visual as possible (we have a 3 year old, remember?!), we decided to make a Thanksgiving Tree.

I'd seen a number of Thanksgiving Trees on Pinterest and knew it was something I wanted to do one day when my kids were old enough to understand the idea of being thankful for things (big and/or small).

Specifically this year I bought a tree wall decal (Target) and made our leaves with a variety of pieces of fall colored card stock.  Each night after Alan returns home from work, we all sit down and talk about what we're thankful for that day.  The only rule is there are no rules. Our thanksgiving leaves have ranged from the seemly insignificant (iPhone, coffee) to the very significant (family, friends, Jesus).

It's been so much fun for us! And what's been the most fun is that we have been completely FLOORED each day when our sweet Nora takes 10 seconds to ponder what she's thankful for and always seems to come up with something so very heartfelt that it makes your heart melt in the process.  (Nora's leaves to date read: family, friends, neighbors, the park and swings)

I'd totally encourage you to start the family tradition of doing a Thanksgiving Tree this year too!

Happy Thanksgiving!


B + A said...

I love your thanksgiving tree, but miss your posts :)

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