Dec 21, 2007

Announcing the birth of Bria Ruth!!! Isn't she just too adorable?! Bria was born to our dear friends, Becky & Chris on December 20th. When asking the proud parents how they came up with the name Bria they further told us that the name Bria means "noble, strong, virtuous." This launched us into a discussion about the meaning of a name.

As some of you may know, the Bible is full of examples of people fulfilling the meaning of their names. Say Abraham for example. Abraham means "Father of a multitude or many nations." How true is this of Abraham? The father of Israel, God's chosen nation and the recipient of one of the most incredible covenants God has given mankind. Abraham truly fulfilled the meaning of his name. And Abraham is just a start. There are many more examples biblically and in real life of the truth behind a name.

All that being said - here is to little baby Bria - may she be a noble, strong and virtuous woman. Lord may it be so!


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