Jun 26, 2007

This past weekend to had to get out of the crazy 100 degree weather in Phoenix - so we took a day trip to Fossil Springs. Margo had heard about this beautiful little retreat from a co-worker and thought the three of us should do it. So, we packed our bags Sunday morning and headed out. The drive was just under 2 hours and around 11 am we started our hike! Much to our surprise the hike was actually 4 miles one-way! Now the hike down wasn't too bad as we anticipated the fresh water of the falls. However, the 4 mile hike out was not too exciting.
Needless to say, we made it out just fine and all are still a bit sore from the excursion. :)

The pictures are of Fossil Springs as well as the three of us prior to hiking out. (that's why we're still smiling)


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